Beautiful crochet blouse step by step

This blouse is very beautiful and can be fully made in crochet, or carried out in circular knitting machine and then crocheted in crochet. We leave the two versions.


Blouse rose step by step:

Make a magic ring, and weave 9 lows stitches, closed with slipped point, then made 6 chains, 5 nets separation and triple crochet and forming a V at each point in the tissue under previous lap. After 2 laps perform network point to finish the motif.

beautiful-crochet-blouse-step-by-step-11 beautiful-crochet-blouse-step-by-step-12




Blouse made with knitting machine:

The model is woven into circular loom to form the flower then they are joined together with crochet...

beautiful-crochet-blouse-step-by-step-4 beautiful-crochet-blouse-step-by-step-2 beautiful-crochet-blouse-step-by-step-8 beautiful-crochet-blouse-step-by-step-6 beautiful-crochet-blouse-step-by-step-7 beautiful-crochet-blouse-step-by-step-5 beautiful-crochet-blouse-step-by-step-1 beautiful-crochet-blouse-step-by-step-3 beautiful-crochet-blouse-step-by-step-10

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