Cream Crochet Dress for Girl

The most spectacular dress model, for baby, that is in fashion, so that you can dress your little girl, very cute and elegant.

Mercerized cotton thread No. 5, the model Dama needle No. 5.

How to make the dress:

Start with the neckline and make 106 points high (about 35cm) in the first round and in the 2nd and begin with the increases, for this divide these into 8 parts and increase 1 point on each side of 7 parts, plus 1 chain stitch Between both (In the back, by the openings does not carry increases) ...

After the song has been made according to the desired length, we close it leaving in the space for the saddles 1.05 cm of amplitude that we will give with points between side and side by means of a method that consists of making 3 chain stitches and nailing the needle in the 1 point and pull loop we pull in 2 times and do as many times as we want amplitude.

The breast contour measure for a baby up to 3 months is approximately 46 cm and that is what we have to achieve.

This length is 28 cm.
The skirt is made with a simple design that only follows the pattern.

Crochet Dress for Girl, Pattern:

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