Crochet flower necklace

This week’s post it’s a necklace, made of four petal flowers. The texture, the look is lovely.

Materials needed are:

  • a 2.5 mm crochet hook,
  • 100% cotton yarn (in this case I used La Abuela no. 6 by Omega, one 70 gr. skein),
  • a set of clasps and 22″/ 56 cm of a thick cord to be wrapped.

  crochet necklace (5)

Tubular base for the necklace: Crocheted back and forth, ch 171.
R1: Starting in 2nd ch from hook sc 170= 170 sts
R2-8: Ch 1, sc 170= 170 sts
Don’t fasten off, take the cord and place it at the center of the strap and wrap. Ch 1, sc 170 going through both sides of the strap to turn it into a tube with the cord already inside. Fasten off and weave in all ends.

crochet necklace (1)
Sew the sides of the clasps to the tube’s ends. This will close the tips at the same time.
Coser los lados del broche a los extremos del tubo. Esto lo cerrará las puntas al mismo tiempo.


crochet necklace (2)

Make 7 four petal flowers, leaving a long strand for sewing at the end. Start with the center flower and continue attaching the rest, one on each side to make it even. The necklace is ready. I particularly love this way of making the tubular bases for necklaces, I think it looks so fine.

crochet necklace (4)

crochet necklace (3)

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