Crochet scarf pattern

No doubt this is a very beautiful crochet Scarf yarn.

If you like that kind of scarf, this is a wonderful way to get one for your wardrobe. See the chart, choose a color of your preference and set to work ....

Crochet scarf made with high relief flower...

 Two wonderful scarves: What color do you find most beautiful?


Mount 15m. up 4m +. to replace the first double flange
Making hoops "3 double flanges, 2 m. Air, 3 double flanged"
1 double flange between each arch.
Fit in all, 30 rows of double flanged hoops.
Then start on 1 pineapple, like on the grid.
Resume on the 1st row of m. in the air and make the 2nd pineapple.



The flower:

fleurs-1-jpg fleurs-2

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