Crochet Umbrellas - Sunshade with patterns

These umbrellas crochet can not protect you from the rain, but they are the perfect creative design of a rainy day! They also serve as shade from the sun, a beautiful addition to a costume or just decoration for your home!

What wonderful ideas for sunshade with patterns !!








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Here’s a few tips:

  • Chose the pattern that have a number of sides that matche the number of prongs on your umbrella. If your umbrella has more or less, you have to use a doily or pattern that has the matching number of sides.
  • Choose a pattern that has a minimum of 16 or higher Double Crochets around the centre ring so you can wrap comfortably around the tip of the umbrella. You will use a Magic Circle instead so you can pull it tight around the tip of the umbrella when you are ready to mount.
  • When you increase a crochet hook and thickness of yarn, you automatically will increase the size of the doily. This automatically increase the size of the project.
  • The pattern shoud comfortably sit over the prongs and somewhat hide them.

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