Welcome to our knitting page step by step with knitting crochet two circular needles. Learn how to knit a CUTE GIRL'S DRESS in a NEW CROCHET STITCH.

A long time ago I wanted to make this BEAUTIFUL DRESS FOR GIRLS. I'm going to share some with you tips and tricks to make your project look beautiful. This pattern is better known as spiders point for its geometry and details, I did it because many spiders asked me to add it to their blouses and baby clothes, in short, our imagination will lead us to make the best use of it and add a unique beauty. to our jobs.

Today, with this video tutorial, you will learn to weave your project Step by step I hope it is useful and understandable. Share it with all your friends on social networks and share it in their crochet groups so all the little spiders in the world will benefit from art crochet

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