Handmade Poppies

Handmade Poppies

I love wildflowers in general and am looking forward each year, when I see that in the fields.
Particularly impressed, probably due to its bright intense color, gave it to me of wild poppies. With us you find it unfortunately only very scattered on the edge individual cornfields and even the famous poppy fields in Tuscany we were this year (in April) too early. Then I would have namely particularly pleased.

Of course, I am also aware of the transience of flowers in the vase and so it stands to reason even which produce tissue paper. The flowers are made quickly and with little effort:

Handmade Poppies

To the Handmade Poppies You need:

- Red tissue paper
- Floral wire
- Florists band in green
- Hot glue
- Needle nose pliers
That's how it's done:
From the tissue paper you cut out different sized circles,  This need not be particularly accurate and Freehand can be excised. 
Then you lay successive 2-3 circles and durchstecht this center with a floral wire, which you turn around at the top with the tweezers.
Handmade Poppies
Press the circles that form the flowers up and fix down with a drop of hot glue and then the florist tape wrap around the floral wire.
The circles a little pluck apart and already is your poppy from tissue paper finished.
Handmade Poppies
You can put this beautiful flowers in the vase to decorate or even in an empty frame

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