How to make a Cupcake Bouquet, step-by-step!

bouquet cake

Cupcake Bouquet, step-by-step

bouquet cake

A suitable container (I like to use metal buckets that are easily available from florist suppliers, they are approx 6" across - you could also use terracotta pots or anything else of a suitable size that takes your fancy), plastic disposable cups, various coloured tissue paper, sellotape and a stapler.
Optional: cellophane, ribbon, sugarpaste, elastic band, edible glitter.

cupcakes bouquet 1


You also, of course, need a batch of cupcakes plus enough buttercream to decorate them! You will only need seven but my recipe makes twelve so plenty to nibble on later 😉
This time I used good old vanilla for both cake and buttercream but you can use any flavour combination you wish.
To start off, you need 7 plastic cups, arrange them into this shape:
cupcakes bouquet 2
Now, at this point, you can either staple them together as they are or you can do as I did and wrap some tissue paper around each cup (sellotape comes in handy here just to keep in place) before stapling for an even lovelier effect, like this:
cupcakes bouquet 3
If you'd like to use cellophane, now is the time to wrap it around your pot as it's much more fiddly to do it later on - cut a big square of cellophane, turn your pot upside down and secure with an elastic band, don't worry that it looks awful, we can pretty it up later!
cupcakes bouquet 4
cupcakes bouquet 5
Next, take a sheet of a different colour tissue paper which will complement your icing colours, cut in half and lay out flat across each other:
cupcakes bouquet 6
Lay the tissue sheets over the top of your container and gently push your cup arrangement downwards pushing the tissue paper with it.
cupcakes bouquet 7
cupcakes bouquet 8
Ok, you're ready to ice your cupcakes! For these ones, I used a Wilton 2D nozzle in a piping bag and painted a stripe of red extra colouring up the seam of the bag before filling with buttercream to get a two tone effect with the icing.
cupcakes bouquet 9
Another optional bit now! To make the cakes a little bit more special, I rolled out some red sugarpaste and used a plunger cutter to make some flowers, added one to each cake and then dusted each cupcake with some edible glitter.
To assemble your bouquet, simply pop a cupcake into each cup holder! I then tied a length of red ribbon around the pot to cover that elastic band!
And there you have it, a gorgeous bouquet of cupcakes! Perfect for a present 🙂
cupcakes bouquet 11
cupcakes bouquet 12

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