How to Make the Daisy Crochet Stitch

Learn how to make the Daisy Crochet Stitch, or star stitch, in crochet. It is a wonderful stitch that can be used to make baby blankets because it is soft, fluffy and warm.

Daisy Crochet Stitch

Click on photos to enlarge and see better.

punto margarida crochet 1 (3)

The graphic:

ponto margarida gráficosags

punto margarida crochet 1 (4)

Here is a video that explains how to make the Daisy Crochet Stitch. You can make only loops instead of working the high stitches.

Examples of use:

Blankets, shawls ...

punto margarida crochet 1 (1) punto margarida crochet 1 (5)

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