Lovely Dove in Crochet - Tutorial

Dove, besides being a beautiful bird, symbolizing peace. Its white color brings tranquility and can be placed anywhere as a decoration, as it goes with everything.

This magnificent dove in crochet, will look good in your home, but can also be a gift.

Follow this step by step pictures, and see how it's easier than you think, make this fantastic dove in crochet.

Have fun with crochet!


See the step by step in images:

SA400773 SA400772 SA400774 SA400775 SA400776 SA400777 SA400770 SA400778 SA400780 SA400779 SA400786 SA400784 SA400785 SA400787 SA400790 SA400792 SA400795 SA400789 SA400801 SA400805 SA400802 SA400806 SA400807 SA400829 SA400831 SA400922



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