Tutorial how to make a DELICATE CROCHET BLOUSE

A design that you will love! Yes, I think it's so lovely that you're not going to be able to resist it. See how to do it with the tutorial and step by step.

Blouse with tutorial crochet and molds. The model is designed for a size 40, but making the molds can adapt it to your size.

Tutorial how to make a DELICATE CROCHET BLOUSE (1)

Take your measurements of the bust contour, hip, long from shoulder to bottom edge, and make a real-size mold on paper. It will be very useful to you! To guide you while you weave is an excellent companion.

The ideal yarn to knit this garment can be rustic cotton, in case you use it for any occasion, or glass thread or sedated if you want to party. The thickness of the thread should not be thick, but can be woven with a No. 3.5 crochet needle.

The patterns and tutorial:

To access the pattern, click on "See More" and you will see the pattern.

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