Wonderful Poncho in Crochet blue Yarn - with Pattern

Delight this wonderful crochet cape. Follow the patterns and explanations, and you will see that it is easy to do.

Poncho en crochet, hyper feminine!


Arming and Termination

To return to the starting chain, knit the lace in the opposite direction as shown in the diagram. It is made in tubular form by 6 rows. When finished, join with 1p. Emanate, cut the thread and top. With 2 strands and needles nº5 make a chain of 100 cm long. Cut the thread and finish.

Gather the string strip forming 5 blondes and make some stitches to hold. Apply it on one side of the upper edge and sew with small stitches. Place the fabric flowers above the fringes.


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