A dream house in the woods

 A fairy tale house

This three-story house located in a forest in North Carolina, United States, more like a mini castle fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm or Andersen, is unique in all aspects. The total area of the house is only 78 square meters, but has everything you need for a comfortable living (couple with children). We would also like to live in such a house! What about you?

home 1

home 2

A beautiful view from the balcony.

home 3

home 4


On the first floor is a room with fireplace and the kitchen is located.

home 5

home 6


On the second floor is accessed via an original staircase. Each step has a motto: dream, be friends, be calm, enjoy, recharge forces, rejoice.

home 7

This is the bedroom of adults. The phrase on the wall says: "The most beautiful view is one that I share with you."

home 8

home 9

Small space between the bedroom and the bathroom.

home 10

Bathroom with a shower.

home 11

Children's bedroom with an amazing bed two levels.

home 12

And, of course, a grill and hot tub in the backyard. A dream house.

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