Lovely Crochet Shawl Pattern

This crochet shawl is perfect for everyday use, it's green color is a beautiful will let your loook more beautiful. This crochet shawl gives glamour to your clothes! If you do not know "crochet", it's time to take risks, because you certainly have to have a shawl like these in your closet!

Crochet items produced by the crochet technique, are very appreciated, despite the time invested in practice, and patience involved in the manufacturing process. In addition, the wide variety of possible products - such as ponchos, berets, scarves, belts, skirts etc. - It gives your more will to the practice crochet.

Check out this inspiring crochet model:
The following materials are needed: 4mm needle and thread the desired color, whereas in the tutorial we used the Baroque Multicolor line.

Here is the pattern:

This is a very simple motif.

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