Thanksgiving Cupcake Decorating Ideas

thanksgiving cupcake

If you’d rather have cake than pie any day, how about cupcakes — with a special Thanksgiving touch? A tray full of cupcakes frosted red, yellow, and orange can make a plate full of “turkey feathers,” with a body made from chocolate-frosted cupcakes trimmed with “eyes” and “beak” — and voila, you’ve got a Thanksgiving “turkey cake” made of cupcakes. Stack one “mini” cupcake on top of a bigger one, frost with caramel frosting, and trim with candy corn and eyes made of candy, for individual turkey cakes. Trim the cakes with white frosting sprinkled with toasted coconut, add a decorated cookie “tail”; candy turkey “bodies” trimmed with everything from paper feathers to marzipan give you a wide variety of “gobblers.”

thanksgiving cupcake thanksgiving cupcake thanksgiving cupcake thanksgiving cupcake thanksgiving cupcake thanksgiving cupcake thanksgiving cupcake

For a general autumn décor theme, make marzipan autumn leaves and acorns and attach to an ordinary chocolate frosted cupcake. And there are always pumpkin cupcakes — orange frosting with orange sugar sprinkles, and green licorice-type candy ropes for “stems” and “vines.” If you’d rather decorate with non-autumn colors, of course, you can make frosting “flowers” for the tops of cupcakes in any color (blue and white are particularly striking). Go red, white, and blue; put a flag motif on your cake, or hearts and flowers. But for Thanksgiving tables, the basics are just fine: an autumn leaf base holding a yellow cupcake frosted with orange-tinted icing and trimmed with candy accents of acorns and leaves. These can be the ideal treat for those who believe anytime — even Thanksgiving — is a good time for cake!


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